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       BLOODMOON UNDERGROUND  is a New England based illustration company fueled by nostalgia, coffee, the illest hiphop beats, prolonged exposure to extremely heavy metals, and our wicked powerful creative friendships.

    You can find us drawing, daydreaming, night-dreaming, listening to music or playing a stringed instrument. Maybe even reading a mysterious book, or writing in our dream journal. We might even be catching up on all the films we never saw because we were too busy watching Jurassic Park, Predator and The Sandlot on repeat instead. We always carry a Gamecube controller and a multi-tool in our back pocket and pencils behind both ears. If you happen to stumble upon us while we are in the woods, we probably shouldn't be disturbed unless you think you can handle a knife fight in the canopy - in which case please, approach us by all means. Otherwise, good ol' Emails work best. 

     The ultra-inspirational forces of our creative friends are what brought us here and what keeps us on our path to our creative destiny. HIGH MORALE, POSITIVE MINDSET, and NOSTALGIA are essential in our mission, as is the great d
iscipline of exercising INTUITION and PERPETUATING THE CYCLE OF INSPIRATION. Our goal is to master the art of the self, and manifest a vision of our life that inspires others in the same way we have been inspired by the great pioneers whom came before us.


       - Zeta

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